The pictures are old,  I hope You enjoy it anyway
GRACIE,  Berner Sennen, my first dog,
and our bird, Plutte (nickname), yellow color

     Gracie,  and our bird "Plutte",
they were best friends

She had one brown and one blue eye,
and too much white in her fur

They share everything, even the food

Gracie as a puppy

My son and Gracie in the sea

Gracie, she loved water

I (Ewa) and Gracie

Gracie was very kind, she loved small animals

Gracie and my parents little dog "Jessie"

Gracie and a little "boy-friend"

Plutte (nickname), the bird, was 11 years old,
he now sleep under our apple-tree with his toys

My lovely schnauzer Diesel, and the bird Plutte,
Gracie is in "dogheaven"

Gracie and Plutte
are  together again
Gracie in "heaven"   october -89
Plutte in "heaven"    august   -94