Lots of people has asked me… WHY…. both my beloved dogs went away the same day?
giant DIXIE & schnauzer DIESEL
Happened an accident or? ….No, their time  was going to end.
I have not had the energy to write this before, and it still  hurts in my heart,
and I will
ALWAYS  missing them.
I still dreams, but now is the delicate dreams,
t.ex one  night I dreamt  that
small Diesel was a seal, she where actually an equal seal sometimes,
and exactly so say my sister, when I told the dream.
As most knows so where both over 15 years, and only the age says
that their time is near to bottom.
My veterinary always tell me, that I carried out “old person care” when I comes
on my annual, and on the end frequent visits.
I saw on Animal planet once, there a veterinary say =
“why can not one angel come and get the dog at night”
I wish so too , but the angel did not come, so I might alone go away,
(I wish I  did not have to go)
I dreaded going to the veterinary when the day come. 
Diesel & Dixie had both the common alilments (infirmities) that come with age,
but both had also
 different diseases, common had they  CANCER, this
dread worth disease, that does not hit only our near&in love without
also our loved pets, and that unfortunately did not go to deal with now.
Both had earlier operated  cancer, but cancer has the dread worth
the ability to come back in a stage that it is too late. 
Diesel  had  presumably  got  a “blood clut” in her brain,
as the veterinary say.
Dixie, on the other hand, was completely entirely clear in the head.
It was so sad to see,
how her diseases broke down her body.
That both might "sleep in"  together where a matter of course
from my side, for I did not want them to "go alone"
to the "dog-heaven" They was cremated together in a
"fleece -blanket" that I sewn  for them, and lies now together in the ash carton.
And I have them with me, and always will.
They came both to us when they were  3 months, they were NEVER separate.
They sleeped TOGETHER in my bed with me ALWAYS.
Special Dixie was  dependence on small Diesel,
she wanted to t.ex often  lie with her head on small Diesel´s body.
They fought NEVER with each other during their  whole  life,
despite that both were "girls". They really love each other.
And I will ALWAYS love them
My beloved Angels
Ewa April 3 -06